About IIIBF & IBF Net

The International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance (IIIBF) is a research-based institution focused on the halal ecosystem. It is backed by the IBF Net: the Islamic business and finance network, the maiden online community in the field created in 1999 and owned by IBF Net (L) Limited – a Labuan International Company with registered office in the Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia.

Meet Our Experts

IIIBF courses are designed, reviewed and endorsed by well-known international experts in the field from the industry and the academia.



Dr. Mohd Obaidullah
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Founder, IIIBF




Dr. Hisham Dafterdar
Chairman, Awkaf Australia Ltd





Dr. Ahmad Juwaini
Dompet Duafa Republika, Indonesia





Dr. Irfan Syauqi Beik
Islamic Economist, CIBEST IPB, Puskas BAZNAS, IAEI, Indonesia





Dr. Elnur Salihovic
Head of Zakat Office, Riyasat of the Islamic Community in Bosnia & Herzgovina





Nana Mintarti
Commissioner, Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (BAZNAS)



Dr Shafeeq Rahman

Dr. Shafeeq Rahman
Islamic Economist, India





Dr. Nasim Shah Shirazi
Islamic Economist, Pakistan




Meet Our Executive Team

IIIBF courses are managed by a team of well-qualified and energetic professionals working from different parts of the globe.


Mohammed Alim

Mohammed Alim
PhD Candidate, International University of Malaya-Wales



Hoosen Essof

Hoosen Essof
Country Representative (South Africa)





Namungo Hamzah
Country Representative (Uganda)
Head of Research and Training, House of Zakat & Waqf, Uganda



Mohammed Rashid

Mohammad Rashid
Estate Manager, IBF Net




Swaleha Samar

Swaleha Samar
Manager (Finance & Customer Relations), IBF Net