A Research Based Initiative Conforming to the Best Islamic Traditions

Our Vision: A sustainable planet and a value-driven society
Our Mission: Leveraging research and technology for creation and dissemination of knowledge

The International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance (IIIBF) is a research-based institution focused on the halal ecosystem offering certification programs in multiple areas in a virtual as well as blended environment. Programs on offer include Islamic Philanthropy (Zakat, Awqaf), Islamic Microfinance, Islamic Digital Finance, Islamic Development Finance, Islamic Financial Services and Halal Business. It is owned by the IBF Net: the Islamic business and finance network, the maiden online community in the field created by Dr Mohammed Obaidullah in 1999.


Role of IsDB in Developing Zakat Sector

Keynote speech delivered by Dr Mohammed Obaidullah, Lead Research Economist, IRTI, IsDB at the World Zakat Forum International Conference at Melaka, Malaysia on December 05, 2018 Bismillahi-ir-Rahmani-ir-Raheem. Excellencies, Ladies and …

Awqaf Nazir – Glad to be of Service

Muslims are generous with their money, and that is because they have faith. Donating is at the forefront of Muslims consciousness albeit not spending much time to understand the social …

Promises of Blockchain for Awqaf

An international forum on waqf and blockchain with the theme “harnessing the potential of blockchain technology for global waqf development” is being held in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow. Jointly organized by …

Smart Contracts & Islamic Finance

The rationale behind the concept of smart contracts makes enormous sense to an Islamic economist. The original goal behind the idea (Szabo, 1994) was to apply the principles of traditional …

Awqaf Governance – Thinking Inside the Box

Good governance is a major issue facing awqaf organisations. Despite the sector’s awesome size, awqaf remains one of the most misunderstood areas of the Islamic financial system. Because of awqaf’s …